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2023 was the year remote work broke out of its pandemic shell and firmly planted itself in the professional landscape. The latest data and trends shed light on how remote work is sculpting the future of work and how businesses and employees are adapting to these fresh realities. Surprisingly, almost unanimous agreement among remote workers [...]
In today's world, where technology rapidly evolves and transforms our lives and work, leveraging new technologies in team management is key to success across various industries. In manufacturing, technologies like automation and robotics are revolutionizing production processes, demanding leaders to be flexible and quickly adapt to new realities. In the IT sector, where changes are [...]
The year 2023 brings new approaches and strategies that shape how companies search for and engage talents, utilizing modern technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI). Revolutionizing Talent Acquisition TechTarget, in its pivotal 2023 report "7 Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Trends in 2023," underscores the expanding role of AI and automation in recruitment processes. This trend [...]

The future of work is freelance. The future of work is remote. The future of work is flexible. It has to be, right? Over 50% of US workers are predicted to be freelancers by 2027, while Millennials and younger generations expect to be allowed to work remotely. Those are just a couple out of tens […]