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Use the power of machine learning to ensure good team & project fit whenever you need to put a team together. Dodowork will take their soft & hard skills, experience, and project requirements into consideration to help you build the perfect team for every challenge. connected-freelancers

use inside skills

See all your employees’ skills, know-how, and experience at a glance – manage them better, put them to better use, and use our algorithms to quickly match them into high-performing, happy teams.

& outside talent

We’ll help you identify skill gaps, and whenever you need additional talent for a project, we’ll look at its timeline, budget, tech stack, and more to find the best verified freelancers matching your criteria.

in well-matched

Whether it’s putting together your employees into a team or supplementing an existing team with external talent, we’ll make sure that all the teammates are a good skill and personality fit. 

project teams

The more you use dodowork, the more exact our matches and the better your teams’ performance will become. You’ll end up with an amazing, satisfying, project-based work environment!

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