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Supplement your team with great data scientists in a matter of hours! Dodowork will find the best match for your existing team, while keeping your budget, timeline, and other requirements in mind. connected-freelancers


It doesn’t make sense to hire people full-time just because they may be needed from time to time. Now you can have access to all the data science, IT, and design talent you need – verified and ready to work with you.

your team

Don’t worry about hiring someone who doesn’t match your existing team. Thanks to user profiling, we make sure you end up with people well-matched to your existing team and your company.


Whenever you need additional talent, tell us your project requirements (timeline, budget, skills needed, tech stack, etc.) and we’ll find the best people matching your criteria.

on demand

We use machine learning algorithms to quickly form a team that’s a great match project-wise, but also people-wise. Right now it takes hours, soon it will be minutes!

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